June 11, 2017

Review | Booth Renting 101: A Guide for the Independent Stylist

An honest review of Booth Renting 101: A Guide for the Independent Stylist from your friendly neighborhood Internet Sherpa and the I Help Salons community
May 29, 2017

Hair Stylist Marketing Tools | Make Your Website Sell For You

Your website is a tool. How powerful a tool depends on how you use it. Is it just a digital billboard letting the world know you exist, or an always on duty salesman, that's constantly bringing you new prospects that you can turn into clients. If you're not sure which one you've got, this episode is for you.
May 15, 2017

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas | The Only One That Works

With the volume of booth renter marketing advice available online, why should you listen to me? Good question. In this episode I take a stab at answering that exact question.
May 8, 2017

Booth Renting 101 | The Secret to a Full Book?

There is no shortage of marketing systems designed to help you fill your book and build your business. However, without one key ingredient, you'll find it hard to succeed no matter how hard you try.