Can a Booth Renter Sell Retail? Duh!

can a booth renter sell retail
A Few Notes to Consider Before Selling Retail Online

A lot of ink has been spilled online covering the question of can booth renters sell retail. What I find interesting is that this question falls into two different categories.

Salon owners wanting reluctant booth renters to sell retail and independent contractors wanting to sell their own retail to boost their per ticket revenue.
It's an interesting push and pull. Salon owners need their booth renters, typically hairstylists to sell retail. How do they go about motivating them to sell?

Booth renters who want to sell retail are in business for themselves and would rather hold onto that cheddar instead of passing it on to the salon owner?

If you're an independent contractor, and you're not selling retail, you're leaving quite a bit of cheddar on the table.

I'm no mathematician, but an additional 10 - 20% upsell adds up over the span of a year. Or the span of a career. That extra 20% can be the diffeence between staying in the business or choosing a different profession. I just makes sense from that respective.

For booth renters, the question really should be: "Can you sell retail where you're at?"

To that, my only comment would be, if you're not allowed to sell your own retail and keep the proceeds you may want to reconsider where you're working.

Or from another perspective, hopefully the benefits you're getting from being in that location, (premium facility, more affluent clientele, vibrant walk-in list) serve as a counter to missing out on this potential revenue source. You are in business, and this is a significant income stream.

With that comment out of the way, we can address the things that you need to consider if you're going to sell retail online.

Four Areas of Focus

In this space we're going to focus on:

  1. Different online shopping carts
  2. The platforms that you can use those shopping carts on
  3. The pros and cons of different payment gateways
  4. Different online selling strategies

Website Platforms
There are a lot of platforms that you can build a website on, everything from Squarespace, to Wix to WordPress, and more. Each of these platforms comes with limits and opportunities that we'll discuss so you can make an informed decision on which is best for your business model.

Payment Gateways
In addition, we're going to touch on payment gateways. There are quite a few online payment gateways available. Some are easy to integrate and some require just a little extra geekery.

From 2Checkout to PayPal to Square and, there is a wide range of practices in how funds are transferred from your clients to you. Each gateway brings something different to the table so it's good to understand them so you'll know which is the best fit for you.

Shopping Carts
Just like everything else we've touched on, there is no shortage of choice when picking online shopping carts. Some you may be familiar with: Etsy Sites, Square Market. Others may be new to you: Shopify, Woocommerce.

Whether you want visitors to purchase without leaving your site or begin on your site and finish their transaction elsewhere, there are many scenarios to consider. Several may work with the store model you have in mind. So we have a lot to talk about in this space.

Online Selling Strategies
In the strategy space I'm going to point out a couple of opportunities to consider that can help you guide your clients towards purchasing their products from you as opposed to the nearest Walgreen's or the cosmetic aisle in Walmart. It's not a question of whether they are going to spend money on product. It's about getting them to spend that money with you.

Be careful of the questions you ask. As you can see, a simple question like "Can a booth renter sell retail?" can get pretty involved, pretty quickly.
There's a lot to talk about so we're going to spend a little bit of time doing just that. I'm going to do my best to help you navigate it.


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