The Breakdown Before You Build Your Salon Websites – IHS 004

In this episode we talk about the options available to salon owners who want to create their perfect salon website. There are so many ways to put up a salon website up that a good starting point is to understand what type of website owner you will be. Match your temperament with the below resources for a fit you’ll be happy with.

Types of Salon Website Owners
1. Hands On – Wants to be intimately familiar with the code behind each page so you can tweak it at a moment’s notice.
2. Hands Off – Concerned about how your salon website looks and performs but not that much about the process of getting it that way?
3. Combination – Wants a salon website that is easy to set up, easy to update but doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about the underlying programs and code.

Website Builders
1. Domain Registrars – GoDaddy, Namecheap
2. Hosting Companies –,,
3. Bundled Site Builders –,,,
4. Website Builders/Marketing – SalonGuru, SalonMarketing 365

Web/Graphics Designers – Silver Scope Design, DreamCo Design