Build a Website to Target Your Ideal Customer

In this episode we spend a little time talking about what should be the key thing you focus on when you’re building a salon website.

We also highlight Mizu Hair Salon. With a location in Boston and New York, their website is a great example of how to set your website up to bring in new customers. “Invite the guests, Set the table, Serve the meal”

Building A Website That Works

Success leaves clues. In my never ending quest to bring you examples of good salon websites to emulate, I came across Mizu Hair Salon. They’ve got a location in Boston and one in New York.

It’s not a WordPress site, but is a great example of how to build a website that succeeds in all three phases of the game.

Invite The Guests
The best website in the world if useless if no one sees it. succeeds by securing a spot on page one of Google for the terms Hair Salon New York and Hair Salon Boston. They’ve also got strong placements in Yahoo and Bing.

Set The Table
There are few things shorter than the attention span of someone surfing the net looking for information. presents an clean, uncluttered site to its visitors. No flash, no unnecessary graphics. Just a clean interface that clearly shows visitors how to get to the information they’re looking for.

Serve The Meal
Here at I Help Salons we believe that all salon websites should be strong in lead generation. presents strong calls to action on the front page and throughout the site. By using multiple calls to action, they are able to address different visitors to their website. There is something for everyone.

Build a Website With Focus

If you are new to WordPress and building websites, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating a website. There’s more to creating a website than simply understanding how to get WordPress to work.

You build a website to communicate. As with any form of communication there’s a sender, the message and a receiver. When you build a website, it’s important to remember that the receiver in this coversation is your ideal customer.

If you miss this small detail, it’s entirely possible that you can create a perfectly good site that’s appealing to everyone except your ideal customer.

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