Booth Renter Email Marketing | How To Create Lead Magnets


In a perfect world, every time I build a website for a booth renter, I would also set up their blog and email marketing system.

Without these two feature, your website can’t do what you want it to do for you. We’ll chat about blogs at another time, but today I want to talk about the most important part of any email marketing system: the lead magnet.

What do booth renters need to know about lead magnets?

For our purposes, a lead magnets is anything installed on your website that gets visitors to give you their email addresses so you can build relationships and market to them. There’s really nothing more you need to know beyond that.

Since most salon websites don’t email marketing much less lead magnets, you may wonder if your booth renter website really needs one.

In my experience, most website owners don’t really understand how their websites work. The fact that most salon websites don’t use them is good news. It means more opportunities for booth renters who do.

Lead Magnet Definition

Lead magnet (also known as opt-in bribe) is an incentive you offer to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information such as name, email, phone number, etc. ~

Of course, there’s no requirement to add a lead magnet to your website. However, you have a website because you’re trying to build your list. When people visit you need to have something to show for your efforts. You need to add at least one lead magnet!

With that in mind, what types of lead magnets do you need? 

First of all I, need you to takeoff your artist’s hat and put on your marketer’s hat.  It’s a very different way of thinking.

If I were to say to you  “Hey, who’s your target audience?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered  “Anyone who can come through the door and sit in my chair.”

That’s a natural, “I want my business to survive,” kind of answer, but it’s not a useful answer where your website and marketing’s concerned.

If you’re trying to reach people online, your lead magnet needs to be something that they’re interested in.

Believe it or not, no matter how popular any one thing is, there will always be someone who isn’t interested. Someone that that thing doesn’t resonate with.

If you think of your lead magnet that way, something that you’re going to put on your website to attract people and give them an incentive to give you their email address in exchange for a thing that you’re going to put in front of them, probably not the best strategy long term to only rely on discount coupons as a lead magnet. They’re good, but they’re not the only thing that you can use.

Think about it. You know which of your clients, when they come through the door, are going to tip like Trump, and the ones that are going to be pinching the penny to make Lincoln scream.

You know the ones that are going to be in there for the fast and furious, get in, sit down, get up, get out, and the ones that are looking for the hot towel treatment. Different things resonate with different people.

Don’t limit yourself to one lead magnet.

Think outside the box a little bit and say to yourself, “What else can I put in place for an effective lead magnet?” The reason I bring this up is not because I want to discourage you from using coupons.

I do not.

They are very effective. However, there’s very little difference between the people you attract with a discount coupon on your website, and the people you would attract if you just went full-blown and went to Groupon.

People who chase deals don’t really stop chasing deals. The whole purpose of this game is to get folks onto your list, and to get them to come back over, and over, and over again, sit in your chair, preferably at full price. Just be aware of the bet you’re making when you rely on discounting.

Where are they in the buying cycle?

Different people come to your website at different stages of the buying process.  Lead magnets that focus on any type of discount only address people who are ready to buy right now.

This represents the smallest percentage of people coming to your website. More people will be coming to your website just for information, just to look around, just to find out stuff, than are going to come and want to spend money right now.

So if the only lead magnets you use are discount coupons, you’re ignoring the largest portion of people that are come to your website. By not trying to get their information, that’s a huge missed opportunity.

Jump on that opportunity. Stick something in front of them that makes them go, “Ooh… Ooh, I want that… How much?”

I didn’t say, “Stick something in front of them that’s expensive.”  I didn’t say, “Stick something in front of them that’s hard to produce.”

Go for the “Ooh reaction.”

If your lead magnet gets that reaction, it’s going to be successful.  Regardless of how dedicated people are to guarding their email addresses online, “Ooh, I want that. How much?” Is pretty darn powerful.

If this were a typical podcast, right about now is when I would begin telling you the rules that you need to keep in mind as you build your lead magnet that gets people to say, “Ooh, I want that. How much?” Come on, what are the odds I’m going to do that?


Let’s go ahead and build your booth renter lead magnet.


Before you begin to create your lead magnet, think about your target audience. You got several of them.

You got people who are going to be buying from you three months from now, six months from now, a year from now, who are just gathering information. They’re not standing there with their hands on their wallet.

On the other hand, you do have people who are going to come to your website who do have their hands on their wallets.

Two different groups of people. Make sure that you create a lead magnet for each of them.

There are three basic rules for creating a booth renter lead magnet.

Regardless of what you may see in other articles about building lead magnets, after you’ve identified the target audience for your lead magnet, there are only three steps:

  1.  First, it has to solve one problem.Don’t make it hard for people to try and wrap their heads around what this thing does that you’re sticking in front of them. Like for instance, let’s use the concept of a discount coupon. It solves a very simple problem. It makes something less expensive for them, so they can quickly afford it, so they don’t have the risk of not only going to somebody they don’t know who may or may not know what they’re doing, they also don’t have to take a hit to their wallet to find out, so that’s what that thing does. Lead magnet solves one single problem.
  2. Second, it has to be easily consumed.It’s a hit it and quit it kind of thing. Again, lets go back to that coupon thing. You use it one time and you’re done. If you’re a wedding specialist, a five video series on how to recreate an updo, that’s probably a long row to hoe. It’s too hard to consume, too long, whereas a cheat sheet on how to preserve wedding hair the night before, probably a lot easier to consume. Quick, fast, and in a hurry. Solves a single problem, easy to consume.
  3. Third: It’s the, “Ooh.”Your lead magnet has to be perceived as being valuable. Something that your target audience would be more than willing to pay for. That’s the part where it gets kind of tough, because you have to actually put some thought into it.
    For instance, you know those sample packs that everybody has in their lobby of conditioner, or shampoo, or something like that? Kinda tiny, not too impressive. However, if you’ve got excess product laying around, like, I don’t know, your vendor is changing lines, or you’re changing vendors altogether, now instead of just having to take a hit on all that inventory and just gnashing your teeth, you can use it as giveaways as part of your marketing, because it does hit all three of those things that it has to hit. Easily consumed, solves a single problem, and generates the, “Ooh.”

That’s pretty much it.

Start with your target audiences, because you actually have more than just one.

People buying now, people buying later, people in there for cut, people in there for color, people in there for texture, Mother’s Day, graduation, all kinds of those different holidays coming up throughout the year.

All of those different things will spark somebody to wander past your website with different things on their minds. Put something in front of them. Put that landmine out there. Let them step on it.

Get them on your list.

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