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So you’ve finally realized that writing good content for your booth renter website is a good thing. It gets new people to your website and it gets them to stick around for a while.

It’s actually the most favored form of SEO as far as the search engines are concerned. If they had their way, you’d spend all day writing great content and let it attract attention to your booth renter website all by itself.

In a perfect world that would work. The internet isn’t a perfect world. Creating good content is only step one. After that quality content hits your website, the promotion phase starts.

Booth Renter Content Writing | Why go it alone?

booth renter content writing

In the past we’ve talked about using a technique called content curation to pump out content for your website.

It’s a great technique but you may find that finding interesting articles and repurposing them for your audience still to be more than you can spare in your week.

In that case, you may start to think about hiring someone to do your content writing for you. You can easily find writers to crank out booth renter specific content at big freelance sites like oDesk and There is a learning curve required to navigate their platforms. That may be enough to stop you in your tracks.

A more light weight approach to hiring freelancers is at content writing sites such as With this easy access site, you simply provide a topic, a few keywords, and a bit of direction to get your writers on their way.

Article pricing is based on article length and the ratings level of the writer pool you choose. Writers receive ratings based on customer reviews and rating of their finished work. Writers with the highest rating naturally cost the most per article.

The pricing for these articles is very inexpensive by industry standards which is a definite plus given the amount of booth renter content writing you need.  However, don’t expect finished content when you get these aerticles back. They will need to be massaged a bit before it’s ready to post on your site.

Of course, you may find a few writers whose writing styles you like. In that case you can favorite them and submit future articles directly to them instead of the general pool of writers.

Google, Bing and Yahoo want to serve up good content that answers questions and solves problems. Now you have the ability to provide that content, even if you’re not going to win a Pulitzer prize anytime soon.

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