Adding a Little Structure

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We delivered episode #2 of our salon online marketing podcast on time so we’ve kept our promise to our good listeners. I looked online to get an idea of the amount of information that salon owners have to wade through. I came away astounded. I entered salon consultant, salon coaching, and salon marketing plan. I noted the various internet marketers presented online and realized that I have a bigger task ahead of me than I originally thought.

I clarify my statement from the Friday episode where I said I wouldn’t use this podcast to sell to you. While I won’t advocate any particular product or service, I’ll use affiliate links to support the podcast. If you plan to purchase a product or service that I feature on the site, I’d appreciate you purchasing through my link. Not required but greatly appreciated.

I discuss my bias for basing your salon online marketing foundation on paid resources rather than free services. There’s no such thing as really free. You’re paying something somewhere along the line.

I discuss how my goal is to get real world feedback from the show’s listeners to recommend products and services. Similar to the concept Amazon uses for reviews.

Mobile marketing preview.

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