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How To Build a Salon Clientele
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The secret to growing a strong base of repeat clients is having a marketing system that does most of the hard work for you.



It doesn’t have to be that way. You have in front of you the blueprint for a simple system that’s designed to work in the world you actually live in. Whether you’re a booth renter or running a small salon, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you. Believe it or not, you’re just a few clicks away.

Everything you need to know about how to build a salon clientele online is free and available on this site. Watch the free video course, listen to the weekly podcast or download the local competition checklist. Your marketing success is in your hands! 

How to Build a Salon Clientele
How to Build a Salon Clientele
How to Build a Salon Clientele

In cosmetology, there’s one very unforgiving truth. If you’re not building a clientele, you’re slowly going out of business.

Many cosmetologists spin their wheels weighing the pros and cons or waste precious time jumping from one salon marketing system to another. Most systems will work as long as you actually use them.

The problem with salon marketing systems has little to do with the systems themselves. It’s finding the time to put them in place. What works for larger salons may not be a good fit for booth renters or smaller salons.

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The concept of growing a clientele is pretty simple. Find people who need what you do. Delight them with how you do it. Then get them to come back so you can do it again.

I’m guessing that you’re pretty good at that second part. It’s probably why you’re standing behind the chair in the first place. The other parts of that scenario may be a different story.
Use the internet to help with that.
Fortune 500 companies use the internet to find and hold onto new clients every day. You can too. But using the internet means more than just having a website or a Facebook page with a bunch of “likes”.

Explore this website to see what that “more” is. Here you’ll find a system that uses the internet to help you build your clientele. It’s a simple system, but perhaps more importantly, it’s a system that you can actually set up and maintain easily.

If you’ve never thought of using the internet to grow your clientele, you’ll like what you find here. If you’ve tried in the past, give the Auto-Pilot Client system a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Chris Carter

My name is Chris Carter. I broadcast a weekly podcast on salon marketing and run a small web marketing firm based in Las Vegas.

If you’ve got an internet marketing question or you find a glitch somewhere on the site, send me an email or call me up and leave a voicemail. or (702) 582-6708. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck with all of your salon marketing!

How to Build a Salon Clientele Online March 10, 2015